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Operation of agriculture and forestry (real estate tax A)

For property tax A, in addition to the area of the property, the type of use and the yield measurement number are important. You can access a large part of the required information here free of charge.

You will need the following data to submit the assessment declaration:

File number Information letter, notice of assessed value, property tax notice
Location of the property Letter of information, contract of sale, notice of assessed value, notice of real estate tax, land parcel certificate for which a charge is made*
Municipality / parcel / parcel number / land parcel Information letter, geoportal for agricultural and forestry parcels for property tax purposes (available here as of 01.07), fee-based proof of parcel*
Area of the land Geoportal land parcels used for agricultural and forestry purposes for land tax purposes, land parcel certificate with costs*
Type of use Use of the parcel in reality is decisive (ask tenant if necessary), detailed explanations in the ELSTER help for the corresponding field
Yield measurement, e.g. for arable land and grassland Geoportal land parcels used for agriculture and forestry for property tax purposes, fee-based land parcel certificate with soil estimate*

*Available from the local land surveying office


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