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Closure of the central information and reception offices as of 20 October 2020

Due to the sharp rise in the number of infections, the state cabinet has declared the third and thus highest Corona warning level. The tax administration Baden-Württemberg has therefore decided to close the central information and reception offices of the tax offices again for general visiting traffic from 20 October 2020 until further notice.

Citizens can make an appointment with their tax office for a telephone consultation. In very exceptional cases, a visit to the tax office can also be made possible by prior appointment.

Citizens can also use the contact form of the tax office responsible for them. This provides, in addition to ELSTER and DE-Mail a further offer of a safe and free transmission of messages is available. Attachments up to a size of 15 MB can also be attached. If this is not sufficient, it is possible to fill out and submit the contact form several times.

When using the contact form, various selection fields are available which can be used to quickly assign the right contact person. For example, the topics "Vouchers", "Objection" or "Advance VAT return" can be selected. The entries are securely transmitted to the tax office in compliance with tax secrecy and data protection.

For general questions on tax returns, citizens can also use the tax chatbot of the Baden-Württemberg tax administration for support. The chatbot is available around the clock, seven days a week, regardless of the service hours of the respective tax office.

In addition, the tax administration has Baden-Württemberg explanatory videos in use. In a short and concise manner, each video explains what needs to be done in certain tax situations or what options are available under tax law. The videos clarify and at the same time provide brief instructions on how to implement the desired objective.


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