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Information from the tax office Mannheim-Neckarstadt

Relocation from 07.07. to 13.07.2021 to an alternative location in Mannheim-Neckarau

Short-term restriction of accessibility

The tax offices Mannheim-Stadt and Mannheim-Neckarstadt will move from 07.07.2021 to 13.07.2021.
Please understand that we can only be reached to a limited extent during this time.
On 09.07.2021, both tax offices will be closed and cannot be reached by telephone for technical reasons.
Forms cannot be issued on this day either

Please give priority to using the electronic transmission channels for your concerns.

We are still available for you via the contact form

As of 12/07/2021, you will find us at the following address:

Tax Office Mannheim-Neckarstadt
Donaustraße 34
68199 Mannheim


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