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    • Press Release Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Increase in lump sums for people with disabilities

    On 1 January 2021, various changes will come into force with regard to wage and income tax for people with disabilities. It is planned to double the lump sums for people with disabilities and, for the first time, to grant a lump sum for people with disabilities with a degree of disability of at least 20 and to waive additional eligibility requirements for the granting of a lump sum for people with disabilities with a degree of disability of less than 50.
    • Press Release Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Switch to My ELSTER now - Elster form is replaced

    The tax software "Elster Form" previously offered by the tax administration can be used for the last time for the 2019 tax return.
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Warning against fraudulent SMS!

    Fraud SMS "tax debts" in the name of the BZSt
    • Information

    Closure of the central information and reception offices as of 20 October 2020

    Due to the sharp rise in the number of infections, the state cabinet has declared the third and thus highest Corona warning level. The tax administration Baden-Württemberg has therefore decided to close the central information and reception offices of the tax offices again for general visiting traffic from 20 October 2020 until further notice.
    • Press Release Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Any questions? Et voilà!: Tax chatbot now speaks English and French

    Since November 2018, citizens have been able to use the tax chatbot of the Baden-Württemberg tax administration for questions relating to tax returns. The virtual assistant answers questions from all areas of tax law around the clock.
    • Press Release OFD Karlsruhe

    Second Corona Tax Relief Act - single parent relief amount increase in 2020 and 2021

    The Second Corona Tax Relief Act of 29 June 2020 was published in the Federal Law Gazette on 30 June 2020 and came into force on 1 July 2020. In order to take into account the higher care expenses for single parents in times of Corona and the expenses caused by this, the relief amount for single parents in tax class II was increased from currently 1,908 euros for 2020 and 2021 to 4,008 euros and thus more than doubled. The increase amount for each additional child of 240 euros remains unchanged.
    • Information

    Notes on the document retention requirement and recommendations for document submission

    Due to the change from the document submission obligation to the document retention obligation, there are currently still uncertainties in dealing with documents.

    Your tax return is largely processed electronically and paperless. In principle, you should therefore not initially submit any vouchers when filing your tax return and should only submit them in individual cases if requested to do so by the tax authorities.

    The following information sheet is intended to assist you in dealing with receipts. It lists circumstances in which the tax office is likely to request supporting documents and in which, as an exception, submitting them with the tax return may optimise the procedure
    • Information

    Information letter data protection

    General information on the implementation of the data protection requirements of Articles 12 to 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation in the tax administration.

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