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Appointment system

At the tax offices Baden-Württemberg, citizens can conveniently make appointments online to visit the Central Information and Acceptance Office (ZIA) and thus save themselves waiting time.

At the tax office Stuttgart-Körperschaften the Central Information and Acceptance Office (ZIA) is only set up for property tax. The tax office Stuttgart IV has no central information and acceptance office (ZIA). Therefore, visitors can still enter the building only on a case-by-case basis, with an appointment made by phone or email.

Please note that at many tax offices, a visit to ZIA is currently only possible with a prior appointment via this booking portal

Corona note: Access by appointment only (no masks required)

Access to the tax offices is permitted only by appointment (without mask requirement).

Recall system

In the tax offices of the future Bruchsal, Offenburg, Öhringen, Ravensburg and Rottweil a call-back system will also be piloted. Here, citizens can book online a telephone callback by the responsible employee of their tax office at a selected desired date.


You can also submit a request for an extension of the deadline electronically via My ELSTER. To the electronic application.

You can also contact your local tax office at any time using the contact form.


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