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SteuerCloud@BW - The secure exchange platform of the audit services of the state's tax administration Baden-Württemberg

From the end of February 2022, the cloud solution SteuerCloud@BW will be available across the board in the Baden-Württemberg tax administration. SteuerCloud@BW is an exchange platform that enables citizens or their tax representatives and the audit services of the tax offices to exchange large amounts of data via a secure connection, independent of hardware and operating systems. Particularly in the context of external audits or in criminal tax investigations, SteuerCloud@BW can be used and offers a location-independent, fast, secure and citizen-friendly alternative to the already existing options for data transfer. The SteuerCloud@BW is operated in the data center of the tax administration Baden-Württemberg and thus fulfills the special requirements of tax secrecy, data protection and data security.

Applications, appeals or other letters will continue to be received only as postal items and via ELSTER or the (electronic) mailboxes of the tax offices; SteuerCloud@BW is not intended for this purpose.

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