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What evidence must be provided when supporting relatives (especially abroad)?

These documents must be submitted:

  • Income tax return: a maintenance annex for each supported household (completed in full),
  • Proof of alimony payments, e.g., bank statements (proof of alimony payments is not necessary if the supported person lives in your household).

For alimony payments to persons abroad, these documents must also be provided:

  • A declaration of support for each person supported (completed in full, signed by the person supported and confirmed by the home authority), on the required forms,
  • Proofs of the supported person's economic circumstances, e.g. foreign tax certificates, pension certificates, earnings certificates and social security certificates,
  • Translations of the foreign proofs.

The maintenance annex must be submitted with the income tax return for each year of support. The supporting documents must be submitted only upon request of the tax office.


Further information can also be found in the "Tax tips for families" and in the leaflet on maintenance payments to persons abroad.

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