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Information letter data protection

General information on the implementation of the data protection requirements of Articles 12 to 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation in the tax administration.

Almost all citizens and companies come into contact with the tax administration - especially the tax offices - sooner or later because they have to file tax returns and pay taxes and can claim refunds or even child benefit. This involves the processing of personal data.

The following information concerns the processing of personal data for tax purposes, insofar as the Tax Code is directly or indirectly applicable. The processing of personal data by customs authorities (e.g. customs duties, import VAT and motor vehicle tax) is excluded.

In the taxation procedure, data is personal if it can be attributed to a natural person, a corporation (e.g. association, joint stock company), an association of persons or an estate. Anonymised or pseudonymised data is not personal data.

When tax authorities process personal data, this means that they collect, store, use, transmit, make available for retrieval or delete such data.

In the following, we inform you about what personal data we collect, from whom we collect it and what we do with this data. We also inform you about your rights in data protection matters and whom you can contact in this regard.

More information in the information letter on data protection

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