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I would like to participate in the SEPA direct debit scheme. What do I have to do?

The tax administration provides the following forms for participation in the direct debit procedure

In order to be able to participate in the SEPA direct debit procedure in the future, please complete the above-mentioned SEPA direct debit mandate and send the signed original to your responsible tax office. Please note that in the case of joint assessment of spouses or partners, the signature of both persons is required.

Alternatively, transmission of the signed mandate by telefax or computer fax as well as authenticated PDF transmission is possible.

The creditor identification number (Creditor ID) of the state Baden-Württemberg for the business area of the tax offices is:

  • DE 20 FA0 0000 0031 231.

This creditor ID is valid for all tax offices of the country Baden-Württemberg.

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