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Under what conditions can I receive child benefit or child allowance for a child over the age of 18?

You receive child benefit or the allowances for children for a child

between 18 and 21 years of age,
if he or she is unemployed and available for employment in Germany

between 18 and 25 years of age,
if he or she is

  • is being trained for a profession
  • is in a transitional period (e.g. between two training periods) of no more than four months
  • cannot start or continue vocational training due to a lack of a training place
  • is doing a voluntary social or ecological year, a "European Voluntary Service for Young People" or another service abroad within the meaning of the Civilian Service Act

If the child has already completed a first vocational training or a first degree course, you can only receive child benefit or the tax-free allowances during the child's second training if the child does not pursue any gainful employment or only a minor gainful employment (lasting less than 20 hours per week).

without an age limit,
if it is unable to support itself because of a physical, mental or psychological disability. However, the disability must have occurred before the child reached the age of 25.


You can also find further information in the tax tips for families and in the tax tips for people with disabilities.


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