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What options are there for non-marital partnerships when it comes to assigning children?

  • Child benefit:
    Child benefit is only paid to one person for each child; usually the person who has taken the child into their household (custody principle). However, the person obliged to pay maintenance may offset half of the child benefit against their maintenance.
  • Childallowance:
    Each parent is entitled to half of the child allowance. If one parent does not essentially meet their maintenance obligation, the other parent can apply for the full child allowance.
  • Allowance for childcare and education or training needs:
    Each parent is entitled to half of the childcare allowance. If the child is only registered with one parent, this parent can apply to transfer half of the other parent's allowance to themselves.
  • Relief amount for single parents:
    To be eligible for the relief amount, you must be a single parent. This means that this relief amount cannot be granted if you form a household with another person (regardless of whether it is the other parent), unless the children are taxable.


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