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The most important info from the Declaration on Accessibility

Every public entity must have an accessibility statement on its Internet site.
Public bodies include:

  • Cities and towns
  • Police stations
  • Offices and authorities

The declaration of the tax offices Baden-Württemberg

The Accessibility Statement states:
How accessible an internet site is.
An internet site must have sign language videos. Sign language is hand signs.
So people who can't hear or speak can communicate.
Our Internet site does not yet have videos in sign language. This should change as soon as possible.

Texts in plain language

The most important texts are available in plain language.

Report a barrier

You can not understand something on our Internet site?
You can't read or hear something on our website?
Can you hardly operate our Internet site?
Then tell us.
We will help you.

How to reach us:


If you have any questions, please contact us at.

The enforcement body

We have 4 weeks to reply to your message.
Do we not answer you?
Or do we not help you?
Then you can contact the Enforcement Office.
At the Enforcement Office there is the Disability Officer from the country Baden-Württemberg.
The Disability Officer helps people with disabilities.
How to contact the Enforcement Office:


Further contact details and information from the StateCommissioner for the Disabled

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