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    The tax office Tauberbischofsheim has a vacancy for a temporary assistant.

    The tax office Tauberbischofsheim has a vacancy for a temporary position (f/m/d) from 01.05.2024 until 30.04.2025 with a regular working week of 39.5 hours in Bad Mergentheim.
    • Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Warning about fraud attempts with alleged ELSTER emails

    Online criminals are currently trying to steal data with fake ELSTER emails and a fake online platform.
    The CSBW and SITiF BW warn: Do not open these emails and do not click on any links on the scam page.
    • Press release Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Reorganization of the tax audit in Baden-Württemberg from 1 January 2024

    On 1 January 2024, a reorganization of the tax audit in the Baden-Württemberg tax offices is planned. The reason for this is that the business size classes will change nationwide on this date. This means that many businesses will be assigned to a different size category. Furthermore, a number of legislative changes were passed at the end of 2022 with the aim of carrying out external audits more quickly and in a more timely manner.
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Fraud emails in the name of ELSTER

    Currently, fraudsters are trying to obtain information from citizens via e-mail. They send e-mails with titles such as "Please update your company data" in the name of ELSTER. It is claimed that without updating the company data, penalties by the tax office are imminent. We expressly warn against responding to this scam e-mail or opening the links in the e-mail.
    • Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg

    Property tax: appraisal notices are sent out

    The grace period is expiring. The tax offices will send out the notice of assessment for property tax in the coming weeks. The addressees are all owners who have not yet submitted a declaration for property tax B.
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Longer waiting times when contacting by phone

    Due to the current increase in telephone inquiries regarding the property tax reform, there are currently longer waiting times when contacting your tax office by telephone.
    We therefore ask for your understanding if several attempts to call are necessary.
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Zero tax rate for sales in connection with photovoltaic systems as of January 1, 2023

    As of January 1, 2023, the VAT rate is reduced to 0 percent for the supply of solar modules to the operator of a photovoltaic system, including the components essential to the operation of a photovoltaic system and the storage devices used to store the electricity generated by solar modules. Further, the application of the zero tax rate requires that the photovoltaic system be installed on or near private residences, apartments, and public and other buildings used for activities serving the public good (Section 12 (3) Sentence 1 of the Value Added Tax Act - UStG). This requirement is deemed to be met if the installed gross capacity of the photovoltaic system does not exceed or will not exceed 30 kW (peak) according to the market master data register.
    • Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg

    Basic control reminders are sent out - goodwill period ends

    Anyone who has not yet submitted their property tax return for property tax B will receive a reminder letter from the tax office from mid-June 2023. The letters will specify a new deadline for submission, after which the grace period will end.
    • Press Release Oberfinanzdirektion

    Appeals against notices within the scope of the real estate tax reform

    Tax offices do not send confirmation of receipt
    • Press Release Oberfinanzdirektion

    Assessment start for the 2022 income tax return

    The processing of income tax returns for 2022 is now starting at the tax offices in Baden-Württemberg.
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Warning against fraudulent SMS messages

    Citizens are currently reporting requests for payment of an outstanding debt that they claim to have received from the tax office via text message.
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Energy price flat rate for pensioners

    The Federal Ministry of Finance has announced important guidance on the energy price allowance for pensioners in the 2022 income tax return (EkSt return).
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    New app MeinELSTER+ makes income tax return easier

    The tax offices offer a new service for electronic tax returns. The app MeinELSTER+ helps collect receipts and vouchers for the tax return during the year and already assign them to the corresponding fields in the income tax return. This makes the actual preparation of the tax return a bit easier.
    • Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Leaflet on the choice of tax class

    for the year 2023 in the case of spouses or civil partners who are both employees (updated version in light of the changes made by the Annual Tax Act 2022)
    • Press release Ministry of Finance

    Property tax period ends - goodwill period follows

    The official deadline for property tax B ended yesterday. By then, 68 percent of the returns had been submitted to the tax offices in Baden-Württemberg. In total, around 94 percent digitally. It is still possible to submit returns after the deadline. Elster is, of course, still available. Anyone who has not yet submitted their declaration can still do so.
    • Job advertisement Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Temporary help wanted

    The Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe is looking for student assistants (f/m/d) for the tax offices of the state Baden-Württemberg with immediate effect and for a limited period of time for activities related to the implementation of the property tax reform.
    • Information

    Telephone hours of the land valuation office at the tax office Tauberbischofsheim

    For questions from citizens on the subject of property tax reform, the tax office Tauberbischofsheim has set up a collective telephone number.
    • Press release Ministry of Finance Baden-Württemberg

    Property tax: deadline for submission ends in one and a half weeks

    Anyone who has not yet submitted their property tax return should do so quickly: The deadline for submission is January 31, 2023, by which time property owners (property tax B) must have submitted their declaration to the tax office.
    • Press release of the Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

    Application for wage tax reduction 2023 possible electronically

    This year, citizens can again apply for their wage tax allowance for the coming year as of October 1. This is the so-called "Application for Wage Tax Reduction".
    • Press release of the Ministry of Finance

    States extend submission deadline for property tax return

    The deadline for submitting property tax returns will be extended by three months. This was decided by the finance ministers of the federal states. Instead of the planned deadline of Oct. 31, 2022, the returns do not have to be submitted until Jan. 31, 2023.

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