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Welcome to the tax office Tübingen

I am pleased that you are visiting our website.

The tax office Tübingen sees itself as a service-oriented administration that gladly and competently supports its tax customers in fulfilling their tax obligations.

My staff and I are looking forward to a good cooperation with you and wish to deal with each other in a fair manner.

To answer various tax-related questions, we have a wide range of internet services, which are also linked on this website. Tax chatbot and explanatory videos have many answers ready.

If possible, submit your tax returns and related applications to us electronically.
It is very advantageous for you to submit your tax return using the ELSTER procedure, i.e. electronically. Data stored at the tax office is retrieved. Once created, master data, wage statements, pension notifications and health insurance contributions are automatically inserted in the correct field of the tax return. The tax result can be calculated immediately. And the processing time with us is shorter. You will receive a decision more quickly.

If you have any further questions, please also use the contact form or get in touch with our contact persons.

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