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Responsibilities of the tax office Stuttgart III

for the urban district of Stuttgart beginning with the letter S to Z, Waldenbuch (71111), Steinenbronn (71144), Leinfelden-Echterdingen (70771), Filderstadt (70794), Ostfildern (73760; only Ostfildern-Kemnat and Ostfildern-Ruit)

We are responsible for setting the following taxes in our district:

  • Income tax (including wage tax and capital gains tax)
  • Church taxes
  • Solidarity surcharge
  • Value added tax

We also perform the following tasks:

  • External audit services
  • Determination of the trade tax assessment amounts for the municipalities

The list is not exhaustive. Further details can be found in the "Finanzämter-Zuständigkeitsverordnung" in the currently valid version. Information on this can be obtained from the tax office.

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