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Information Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe

New app MeinELSTER+ makes income tax return easier

The tax offices offer a new service for electronic tax returns. The app MeinELSTER+ helps collect receipts and vouchers for the tax return during the year and already assign them to the corresponding fields in the income tax return. This makes the actual preparation of the tax return a bit easier.

With MeinELSTER+, the tax administration is now providing another service, following the ElsterSecure app, that makes it easier to process personal tax returns. Chief Finance President Hans-Joachim Stephan says: "The easy-to-use, free app MeinELSTER+ saves the previously necessary compilation of all receipts when preparing the income tax return. Citizens can continuously scan receipts and certificates simply with their cell phone or tablet and upload them to their own My ELSTER user account. In addition, data that is important for the tax return can be marked in order to assign it to the corresponding input fields in the tax return."

MeinELSTER+ thus expands the already familiar services in the area of ELSTER. "Using the new app is quite simple, as citizens only need to scan a QR code to link the new app to their existing account," says Hans-Joachim Stephan. "The functionality of MeinELSTER+ is then immediately available."

MeinELSTER+ can be used immediately for the first time for income tax returns from 2020. The app is available free of charge in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Further information on MeinELSTER+ can also be found on the homepage of ELSTER. Among other things, video tutorials are available there that explain how to use the app in more detail.

This is how easy income tax returns are today -

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