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Press Release Oberfinanzdirektion

Appeals against notices within the scope of the real estate tax reform

Tax offices do not send confirmation of receipt

Now that the majority of the approximately 5.6 million expected property tax returns have arrived at Baden-Württemberg and more than 2 million property tax assessment notices and property tax measurement notices have been sent out, the tax offices are also receiving appeals against the notices.

There is no written or telephone confirmation of receipt for appeals sent in paper form.

The tax offices therefore request that such requests be refrained from.

However, anyone submitting an objection via the ELSTER portal - here under All Forms/Applications, Objections and Notifications - will automatically receive a confirmation of dispatch, just as they do when submitting a tax return.

Note on the suspension of the opposition procedure

If the objection exclusively challenges the constitutionality of the new law and the suspension of the proceedings is requested, the tax offices generally grant this tacitly (so-called expediency suspension). Even without an explicit request, the tax offices assume, for reasons of administrative economy, that citizens who base their objection exclusively on the constitutionality of the new law agree to a suspension of proceedings for reasons of expediency. Insofar as property owners make it clear that they wish to conduct their own court proceedings, the tax offices are urged to comply with this request and to decide on the objection by means of an objection decision.

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