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One country - 65 tax offices

There are 65 tax offices in Baden-Württemberg. The Oberfinanzdirektion Karlsruhe is the superior authority of the tax offices.

16.206 employees, almost 4 million income tax and employee cases and 77.8 billion euros in tax revenue: Without the tax administration, there would be no policemen and policewomen to provide security, teachers to teach at schools or state buildings to be renovated. The tax offices determine the basis for taxation from tax returns or other information, set the respective taxes and collect them. The employees of the tax offices also provide general information on tax matters. However, the provision of individual advice is reserved for members of the tax advisory professions and lawyers.

The tax offices are responsible for income tax, wage tax, corporation tax, turnover tax and land transfer tax.

Some tax offices are also centrally responsible for certain taxation tasks, such as inheritance/gift tax, tax audits and the tax office.

Since 7 April 2014, the main federal customs offices have been responsible for motor vehicle tax.

Income, corporate, and sales taxes are joint taxes that flow to both the state and the federal government. The motor vehicle tax accrues only to the federal government. The other taxes accrue to the state.

For the municipalities, the tax office determines the assessment bases for trade tax and property tax, while the municipalities themselves determine and levy the taxes. The tax offices also determine and collect church tax for the religious communities that levy church tax.

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