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How do I apply for the housing subsidy?

You must apply for the housing construction premium at your investment institution (e.g. the building society). To do so, use the form sent to you by your investment institution together with the annual account statement.

Old contracts (concluded before 01.01.2009):

The housing construction premium is not due (e.g. for payments on a building society contract) until the statutory lock-up period of seven years has expired or the claims from the contract have been disposed of without prejudice. If you dispose of the accumulated credit balance in a "harmful" manner within the seven-year blocking period, i.e. if you do not use the funds immediately and directly for housing construction, the entitlement to the housing construction premium lapses.

New contracts (concluded as of 01.01.2009):

The housing construction premium is only paid out if the funds are used for residential purposes. The premium is now only granted if the capital is used directly for residential purposes when it is paid out. The use of the credit balance for other, non-residential purposes, which was previously permissible after expiry of the blocking period, is excluded for new contracts from 2009. Exception: Those who have not yet reached the age of 25 at the time of concluding their home loan and savings contract may dispose of the entire credit balance after seven years at the earliest without incurring any premium charges. However, each saver can only make use of this exemption once.

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