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How can I file my corporate income tax return?

You must submit your corporate income tax return to the tax office electronically in an authenticated manner. This also applies to the associated

  • Tax balance sheet or commercial balance sheet with reconciliation statement and
  • Profit and loss account

Authentication is carried out by means of the ELSTER certificate. This certificate has the function of an electronic signature and serves security purposes. The certificate is intended to

  • Confidentiality
  • Identity of the sender and
  • Unchangeability of the data content

of the data sent.

To obtain a certificate, you must register at My ELSTER. This requires several steps (e.g. sending the registration data, sending a confirmation e-mail through My ELSTER, sending the activation code by post). Register in good time so that you can submit your tax return on time. The MEIN ELSTER program is available to you free of charge for electronic submission.



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