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Tax identification number (Tax ID / IdNr.) - Info and information

All information on the tax identification number (IdNr.) can be found on the website of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt).

The BZSt is responsible for assigning the IdNr.

You can find your IdNr. on:

  • Your income tax assessment notice or non-assessment certificate (NV certificate)
  • Your income tax certificate from your employer
  • a letter in income tax matters from the tax office

Please note that the tax office cannot provide information about your ID number by telephone for reasons of data protection (required identity check) and that it is also not possible to provide information by e-mail.
If required, your ID number can only be communicated in writing to the registration address.

If you do not have your IdNr. (anymore) (misplaced, lost or forgotten), you can request a new IdNr. from the BZSt on the following website.

After the birth, the child will receive the IdNr. from the BZSt by letter a few weeks later (in individual cases, the notification may take a little longer).
The BZSt issues the IdNr. for the newborn on the basis of a notification from the registration office (Standesamt)

The same applies if you are registering for the first time in Germany at a registration office (city / municipality) and do not yet have an IdNr


If you have any further questions for the Federal Central Tax Office, you can send them to the BZSt by e-mail at the following address: Questions to the BZSt

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