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Which children over 18 can be considered?

A child allowance is taken into account for children of full age

up to theage of 21 if they are not in employment and are registered as jobseekers with an employment agency in Germany,

up to the age of 25, if they are

  • are being trained for a profession (this also includes school education), or
  • are in a transitional period of no more than four months, which, among other things, lies between two training phases, or
  • cannot start or continue vocational training for lack of a training place, or
  • are doing a voluntary social or ecological year, a European development activity, a development policy voluntary service or a voluntary service of all generations within the meaning of section 2(1a) of the Seventh Book of the Social Code or a Federal Volunteer Service or an International Youth Volunteer Service or another service abroad (section 5 of the Federal Volunteer Service Act)

Children over the age of 18 are generally taken into account until they have completed their first vocational training or first degree. Beyond this, children are only taken into account if they are not in gainful employment. In this context, gainful employment of the child with a regular weekly working time of a maximum of 20 hours, a training service relationship or a marginal employment relationship (so-called "mini-job") is not harmful.


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